If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

The beauty about learning something new is this simple thing - no one can take it away from you!

About The Academi

The Academi offers training to stylists who are keen to improve and sharpen their skills in all the diverse areas of the salon experience. 

All courses are stand alone training classes that can be attended by stylists at any time that suits them during the months they have committed to.  Stylists who perceive themselves weaker in certain areas are able to polish and hone their skills so as to become a better all-round stylist. 

For a flat monthly subscription, all training classes for that month are available to individuals who have committed to the fee*.
*A minimum of 3 months subscription per person is payable upfront, thereafter monthly.  


per month*
*A minimum of 3 months
subscription per person is payable upfront, thereafter monthl
  • Access to all classes
    for that month
  • Unlimited Attendance
  • Must Prebook


per class**
**No commitment necessary.
 Attendance is determined by you
as and when you need training.
  • Access to a single class on an ad-hoc basis
  • Single Attendance
  • Must Prebook


Classes that cover

Training is provided to cover the entire salon experience, including but not limited to the following classes:
- All around the Salon
- Cut above the Rest
- Colour me Beautiful
- Foil or Fail Fabulously
- Elegance is an E-Word
- Braid & Plait. Or Knot.


NOT SUBSCRIBED? You are considered as a "drop-in" (as opposed to a drop-out!) 

"Drop-in's" are invited to attend any of the training courses for a once-off fee, so why not invite a friend or a colleague who wants to get a feel of the training offered. Note that pre-booking is absolutely neccessary for drop-ins.


Simply subscribe, pay your fees and follow us on Facebook.

All courses for the month are listed here on this website as well as on Facebook as events. You may pick and choose which class you'd like to attend and register at least 48 hours ahead of the course.

If you are a VIP, please remember to notifiy us by booking your seat online. If you are a "drop-in" you will need to book and pay upfront and send proof of payment to training@theacademi.co.za after which your attendance will be confirmed.