About #IamBrett.


Celebrity Stylist, Trainer, Mentor

"I've been employed for over 30 years and yet never had to work a day in my life!


Master Stylist

Brett has been a Master Stylist since 1988 and has had ongoing training with all the major professional haircare brands since that date. Brett is a trend seeker and is always keen to stay on top of industry movements.


Platform Artist

Brett has been a platform artist for major brands training stylists across South Africa. With over 19 years of representing brands such as Goldwell, Joico and Kevin Murphy, Brett is acclaimed for his industry knowledge.


Salon Stylist

Brett is still a practising stylist which affords him the ability to be in direct contact with clients and the salon environment on a daily basis. Understanding clients needs, market trends and business issues faced by most salons means that Brett is able to be both relevent and in touch during his training courses. 


Business Mentor

Brett has helped a number of salon owners understand their businesses better, as well as enabling them to succeed quicker by implementing specific changes and ideas.  A thorough knowledge of this industry means that Brett is very aware of the daily struggles and what it takes to grow a successful salon business.